Business Intelligence 

Business today can be fraught with dangers. Increased levels of violent crime, fewer police and a more litigant society all add pressure on employers and businesses to ensure they have suitable risk management solutions in place.

Discreet Help have extensive experience proving niche investigation and security services to both the public and private sector.  

We currently provide Professional Witness services and Covert & Overt CCTV deployments, primarily aimed at tackling ASB (Anti Social Behaviour) to various local authorities and a number of housing associations. 

We have also become very adept at providing dynamic and expert consultancy, to International Sporting teams, World Class Sporting and Event Venues and continue to provide leading consultancy to business UK wide.

We boast an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) manager with a long history of providing accurate and timely information on a vast array of subjects, including Brand and Copyright Protection, Background and DBS checking, Person tracing, Due Diligence and emerging markets.

Discreet Help can also advise business and education establishments on how best to protect themselves in the event of a terrorist attack. Evacuation and Invacuation, safe havens, emergency first aid, communicating effectively with security forces and much more.

Open-source Intelligence (“OSINT”)

OSINT is broad term for the majority of investigative activity utilising non-invasive methods and legally available information to obtain data, filtered as information which is then collated, processed and then analysed to form intelligence, delivered in a comprehensive report to enable informed decision making.

We have a comprehensive range of subscription databases and enhanced search tools combined with vast industry experience.

Examples of OSINT include, but are not limited to:

  • -Person Trace/ Missing Person(s)
  • -Pharmaceutical Investigations
  • -Trademark/Copyright infringement
  • -Parallel Trading
  • -Background screening
  • -Pre-employment screening
  • -Market & Competitor Intelligence 
  • -Due-diligence
  • -Reputational due-diligence
  • -Threat identification and analysis
  • -Asset Tracing
  • -Brand Protection
  • -Risk/Threat assessments

Anti-Social Behaviour (“ASB”)

Over a decade of experience in delivering A.S.B. solutions to Public Sector bodies which includes Professional witnesses, C.C.T.V; overt and covert, noise monitoring systems such as the industry standard B&K’s MATRON system, amongst others.

We have broad experience in obtaining evidence to support enforcement of court orders.  Our experience also includes combating gang activity- identification of gang members and evidence of A.S.B. committed by them.

We can also provide witness protection for those giving evidence against such people at home, work or to/from court.

Technical Surveillance and Covert C.C.T.V.

Our C.C.T.V. systems can be deployed ‘hard-wired’ using mains electric or remote powered with both having the option of remote viewing/monitoring.  Our systems will always meet or exceed Police Standards for Digital Evidence.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (“TSCM”)

T.S.C.M. is the application of advanced electronic detectors and physical searches to establish if an area has any technical surveillance devices deployed.  At Discreet Help, we have high-specification equipment, offering an unprecedented capability to provide peace of mind.