What is the world coming too?

Unless you've been in outer space for the past few weeks, you will have seen the shocking terror attacks in Paris, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Nigeria, Mali and the inevitable fallout from these including the lockdown of a major European city in Brussels. 

I was recently interviewed by Manchester Business Radio after the terror attacks in Paris and one of the many things I was asked was has this come as a shock to me? My answer was quite simply "No" . The increase in actions against Syria and what is proving to be disastrous foreign policy, and mass migration of fighting age males have all had a negative impact on the security situation across Europe. 

I don't wish to get embroiled in a debate about the politics of the situation, what I would like to make business and individuals aware of is the very real threat to you and your business today! Ive blogged about this earlier in the year "In the wake of terror" and my synopsis hasn't altered.My advice to any and all businesses or persons who feel that they require advice and consultation that there is a wealth or resources available to you. 


Mi5 have a great deal of information on there website which can be adapted to any size of business, your local Police will run Counter Terror seminars and talks and are usually very approachable regarding advice. Perhaps as important is to engage with a security expert. Weigh up the cost to yourself and your business should the worst happen and what is an acceptable loss? Once you can answer that, then you'll know what is worth investing.

Of course we provide Security Consultancy and are happy to discuss and review anything you already have in place.