Top 10 Travel Tips - Before you go


So often when we go away on business trips we overlook the basics and more often even the associated risks with travelling to unfamiliar countries. Do you know what the right currency to use? Did you book an airport transfer? What about if something went wrong? A short stay in hospital could have major consequences financially but also have ramifications on your business too?

Getting stuck abroad is nothing new, as early as 1963 there were reports of over 3000 Britons stuck abroad for varying reasons, and half of which were tourists. Fast forward to todays modern business traveller, the world seems a far smaller place than it was 52 years ago and we like to think we are bit more savvy when we travel now. Often relying on technology, but what if there is a natural disaster can we rely on our smartphones and iPads then?, History suggests not . A broken leg, a mugging, kidnap, lost wallet and passport? Even an early pregnancy All happen far more than we care to think about. What if one if these were to happen to you? Would you know what to do? Whom to call? Would anyone in the UK even be aware? Where is the nearest hospital, the police and embassy? Things we take for granted at home, but in a foreign country, different cultures, and attitudes to risk can all make the simplest of things difficult.


Thats not to say we are all doomed and should no longer travel abroad, lets face it, we need to deal globally perhaps more than ever. We do however need to manage our exposure to risk.

Before  going into business with another company or taking on a new employee, you conduct your due diligence and rightly so!

Well what about that business trip to South America, Africa, Russia or the Middle East? What do you really know about whats going on there? Is it Hurricane season? or politically unstable? What about industrial espionage and attitudes towards foreign businessmen? All important factors to know before you go!


We offer a whole host of Travel Risk Management solutions that are all uniquely tailored to each person and there business trip, we don't believe there is a turnkey solution to Risk Management and it should be a bespoke option every time. 

We’ve come up with 10 top tips that we think will ensure your next business trip goes without a hitch! We’d love to help out more  and can provide detailed and relevant intelligence led reports for the destinations you are going to, in addition to satellite tracking and our travel chaperones too.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your next trip with us and make sure you’ve made an informed decision.

Safe travels