Preparing for your next exporting venture abroad? Here are five ways Mi PA can keep you on top of your business.


It’s come to that vital stage in your business where it’s time to take one small step out of your office and one giant leap into the world of exporting.

And more often than not, the decision to create new exporting links results in a tightly packed suitcase and one flight ticket to an exciting destination; drawing you away from the walls of your office and the responsibilities encased within.

Consequently, you’re left weighing the potential risk of leaving your office based duties behind. Especially for SMEs, justifying the risks in having incoming calls left unanswered, administrative tasks delayed, and emails clogging up your inbox can leave you wishing that you’re packing your suitcase for a holiday and not an exporting expedition in the first place.


If you’re getting a little frazzled just reading this, we’re sorry, and as an apology we’re going to throw you the ultimate anti-stress ball. Because, partnered with Discreet Help Ltd who provide unrivalled Business Travel Risk packages Individually tailored to each destination and visit,, Mi PA is here to not just to liberate your concerns, but to make sure they don’t exist in the first place.

So, here are the ultimate five ways we can ensure your organisation stays 100% functional during your profitable business ventures away from home:

1. Divert your incoming calls to us.

Depending on the type of business you run, whether it’s online, B2B, or B2C, the amount of calls you receive will vary. But there’s one significant thing all organisations will have in common when using Mi PA’s call answering service; you’ll never miss an important call. Not only will your dedicated team of virtual assistants ensure that all your calls are answered on time, we will also make sure that any details you require will be sent directly to your chosen communication method whilst you’re away.

2. Let us make outgoing calls for you.

Concerned about not being able to chase that invoice, book that meeting, research those venues, or contact that particular customer? Or perhaps you just “forgot” to reschedule your dentist appointment before you went away? Mi PA will make those calls for you, and more. In fact, we’ll handle any call you want to throw our way, for a duration tailored to you.

3. Use one of our dedicated PAs for email management.

While it’s possible to deal with your emails while travelling for business, realistically you’re piling on the stress. Keeping on top of your inbox while simultaneously juggling the hassles of travelling is a recipe for a headache. Instead, why not leave your email management in the hands of an experienced and dedicated PA? We’ll send, answer and prioritise all your emails with such style and speed that your customers and clients will never doubt your devotion to them.

4. Let us be responsible for your diary.

Not only will we book meetings and schedule appointments in your diary for the duration of your absence, we can also ensure that your appointments abroad are organised. Travelling is only stressful when arrangements are in disarray, and on top of everything else you need to manage, it’s often difficult to make sure mistakes don’t occur. Let us take care of your diary to eliminate such eventualities.


5. We can handle your social media

With dedicated PAs trained in the art of social media marketing, your fears of putting tweets, Facebook posts and Linkedin conversations on hold are unwarranted. At Mi PA, we take the time to get to know your business (and yes, that does mean stalking your social media accounts). With this knowledge, your PA will be adept in keeping on top of your accounts while you’re away, in addition to tweeting about your exporting pursuits abroad.