#ExportJam and increasing Terror


We recently attended the UKTI’s Exportjam in Manchester. A government initiative to promote export champions, SME's and existing exporters to come together and discuss practical measures that could be taken to get the UK to reach its £1 Trillion a year export goals by 2020.
One of the biggest barriers that exporters and for new companies entering into the export market encountered, were the physical risks whilst travelling to new markets and also the country and regional intelligence and analysis that were either difficult to obtain, never proffered or woefully inadequate. An apparent upsurge of terror attacks across the globe in recent weeks and months has brought a stark reality to our attitudes to International travel. No longer can we feel safe sat on the beach or traversing through Europe. We’ve seen further violence and terror across the Middle East with conflict and atrocities increasing day by day, and the overspill into Northern Africa. The rest of the African continent lies in conflicts, burgeoning violent crime and some of the highest Kidnap and Ransom rates that would make the South Americans blush! This all has a dramatic effect on British companies doing business and operating across the world.

Do you have a travel or export tale to tell? What barriers did you face? We'd love to here from you.

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