Catch up and the Citizen Aid conference



First of all, please accept our apologies for the very long hiatus from our blog.... a combination of an extremely busy summer, winter and now spring, and admittedly some apathy on our part, all ended in us not doing anything blog wise since before our deployment to Lyon in a Media Security Advisory role for the Euro 2016 Football Championships. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the Sky team got some fantastic footage and it passed without incident which was the main aim.


We also managed work trips to Mumbai for a week in support of a large international company and also to Istanbul, somewhere in the middle of it all one of our regular clients came over to the uk for 3 weeks in November and December and again in February for a further 11 days. 

Away from our various Close Protection duties at home and abroad, weve also been hard at work with the surveillance side of Discreet Help. Culminating in a an investigation and surveillance that ran over almost 3 months and ended in a fantastic result for the client and a pat on the back for the team that worked tirelessly on that particular job and all subsequent ones also. We've also got some great news to come regarding our Surveillance and Investigations business... so stay tuned for that coming (we hope) very very soon.

I think thats brought us almost upto date!


Citizen Aid - Responding to the UK Terror Threat conference was held this past Monday (20th March) at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham and as an attendee, I'd be confident to say it was a resounding success. Well attended by a few hundred, fellow Professionals, Emergency service personnel, Schools, Emergency Planners, Medical professionals and the wider public too. The organisers had collated an expert panel for several theoretical excercises and there was ample opportunity to q and a at all times. We were also impressed with the credibility and support afforded to the CitizenAid movement and the mobile app (which we would really recommend you download). There was also plenty of opportunity for networking and for some practical skills, giving each the opportunity to get hands on and really see the value in what the app can bring to an individual or group in the event of a terror attack.

The table top exercises conducted by the expert panel were enlightnening to hear, particulalry from the emrgency medical services point of view. From all of the excercies the ambulance service have taken part in surrounding a potential terror attack in the UK, i was amazed and shocked to learn that their quickest response time (initial call to gaining access to a contained secure environment)  to an active/marauding shooter is a startling 100 minutes. If ever there was a need for the Citizen Aid app, it is in the event of an incident like this.....


What the conference also highlighted to us, was that there is a very real requirement for training amongst businesses and the wider public. To have a First Aid at work just isnt enough in the circumstances, and unless businesses are going to take the very real and credible threat seriously, they'll not only fail their staff and customers, but fail them in a very tragic way. 

Overall we enjoyed the day, it was informative, engaging and worth attending. We've gone away with renewed confidence that our approach and mindset are on the the right track and are working on effective ways we can assist businesses deliver robust planning in the unlikely event of a terror attack, and suitable training to reaffirm those plans.

We'll try not to leave it 8/9 months next time.....