About Us

About Us

Discreet Help are a bespoke Security and Risk Management specialist. With significant commercial experience in low and high threat environments all over the world.

Delivering outstanding levels of service across the Globe in high and low risk environments. Our clients range from Corporate Business Leaders, Oligarchs, Foreign Royalty, to Celebrities, Foreign Diplomats and the Media.

Discreet Help are highly experienced Sports Security Consultants, having advised on the ATP World Tour 2014, Rugby World Cup 2015 and Euro 2016.

Discreet Help have experience in supporting Media Crews at Political Rallies, Protests, Sporting Events, and in the wake of terror attacks.

Experienced in operationally managing multi million dollar projects we have an excellent understanding of what is required to ensure quality delivery of service.

Consolidating over two decades of Security and Business experience, Discreet Help offer truly bespoke security solutions, and can rapidly deploy the most professional and capable subject matter experts at short notice all over the UK and further afield.

House of Saud - UK Head of Security "....impressed by his ability in other fields, observation, attention to detail, planning and execution of tasks and a refreshing ability to look at a profession from a truly professional approach carrying all the responsibility that entails such as integrity, honesty and reliability."